Snide by Christina Lynn Todaro

Art a la Carte: Artists take to the indoors, animal fundraiser

If the paper catches you in time, then join me Thursday evening at Public House Heights, 2802 White Oak, Suite 100, a pub with ample wall space for artwork. I’ve written about this before here, every few months, I along with artists from my First Saturday Arts Market host an artist reception and this week […]


Get a share of wasted money

Back in 2003 the Legislature created a half-billion dollar fund to help expand businesses and attract new jobs and investment to the state. (Incidentally, if this helps further anyone’s political career, so be it.)


Reader: No election help

Dear Editor: [Jonathan McElvy’s] half-page editorial was clever, but didn’t include much meaningful information about election choices. If you are still confused about the judges running for election, try reading the Chronicle (the other newspaper).  They have been publishing information about the candidates, along with recommendations. It doesn’t seem to be “straight ticket” at all. […]


It’s clear Parker doesn’t care about allies

The phone and email messages over the past week have been enough to make me feel like I’m the guy running a karaoke machine down at the local watering hole. It’s not often that I take column requests, but just enough people have asked for my take on Mayor Annise Parker’s subpoena spill that I […]