Cupcakes from the left, the Apple Spiced Cupcake, the Black Widow Cupcake and the Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffin.

Trick or treat. Here is something good to eat!

3 Brothers Bakery just celebrated 65 years of business, tradition and serving generations of Houstonians with their sweet treats. A big celebration was had at the Braeswood location. As part of a social media celebration campaign, 3 Brothers has a traveling life-size gingerbread man. Customers are encouraged to take a photo with the gingerbread man, […]

The Denny's at 2120 N. Loop West will be opening its newly renovated doors Oct. 22 and for the first 100 diners, an Original Grand Slam will be free to the first of those customers.

Denny’s to offer free breakfast for 100 diners

The newly-renovated Denny’s at 2120 N. Loop West will be opening its doors Oct. 22 and some of the first diners through its doors will be eating free of charge. The restaurant will reopen at 9 a.m. with an “all-new, locally-inspired design and diner menu,” according to a press release. To kick off its “Grand […]


You’ll need some lawyerly advice for this election

I reached out to a couple of political consultant types to find out what in the world I’m supposed to tell our readers this week. How, with any sort of responsibility, can I tell you all how to make an informed decision at the ballot box?


Put some northern exposure on bucket list

A quick tour of this city (Montréal), which is quite nice – sort of New Orleans’ French Quarter without all the vomit left by last night’s drunk tourists – and it should be on your bucket list.