Abandoned home on West 43rd to be demolished

It is demolition time for 738 West 43rd Street. As The Leader previously reported, the one-acre property in Garden Oaks had been abandoned for five years. Until recently it was bank owned and was being offered at online auction by Star Crest Realty.

Some residents living near the Cover Girls billboard on Pinemont believe the advertisement is unfit for the area. (Photo by Jonathan Garris)

Pinemont-area residents deem billboard too risqué for neighborhood

Some residents living in Forest West say they are tired of a local billboard featuring a strip club advertisement and want it taken down. A petition on GoPetition.com now features over 80 signatures from residents who are calling the billboard too raunchy for families and children in the area. The advertisement, located on Pinemont near […]

Painting by new artist Cherie Salinas

Art Valet: First Saturday Arts Market changes time this weekend

One thing I’ve learned that is crucial to success with an event like my First Saturday Arts Market: do not change anything. Especially do not change the name, the hours or the location. I’m a slow learner I guess. First I changed the location, then the hours, then the name. In 2006 when we moved […]

Paul Carr poses with students before they get to test drive the truck he hand crafted.

Creativity tucked away at Heights’ The New School

Nestled among the giant shade trees and behind a tall iron fence on the 400 block of Heights Boulevard, are two seemingly normal homes. With the exception of the giant Tonka style wooden truck, and the dozen children playing. Welcome to the not so new, The New School in the Heights. The over-sized vehicles were […]


In the Court of Facebook, no one wins

Rather than facing a trial by jury, people like Weigand face a trial by Facebook where judgment is swift, founded on emotion and intuition rather than evidence and logical reasoning.


When disaster strikes, it’s to the rescue…again

Texas has been struck by floods, rain, swamped riverfronts and high winds, everything but a plague of locusts. I think it was all due to our wishes for rain to end the drought. Be careful what you wish for.