While a $1 million dollar home in Oak Forest used to be unheard of, there are more and more being built. Contributed photo.

The Leader’s $1 million housing market…will it last?

What used to be just a catchphrase or sound bite in the area – the $1 million home – is now a growing reality in Leader communities. But just what makes a home a million dollar investment in our area? And with the volatility in the Houston job market thanks to the dropping price in oil, will it continue?

Jane Kelly may have traded in her lawn mower after years of mowing, but the local 95-year-old Heights resident hasn’t let age slow her down at all. (Photo by Kim Hogstrom)

Heights resident celebrates 95 years of lawns, love, plenty of laughter

At 95 years old, age hasn’t slowed Jane Kelly down one bit and, if anything, the long-time Heights resident is finding more and more to love about her neighborhood. Kelly has lived through countless bits of Houston history throughout the years, and she pre-dates the first air-conditioned space in Houston – the Rice Hotel cafeteria […]

(Contributed photo) 
Equilibrium Social House set to open next month at 1030 Heights Blvd.

Heights coffee shop gets facelift and new name

Next month, the Equilibrium Social House will open its doors providing coffee, assorted high-end teas and baked goods and desserts, according to a press release released Jan. 20. The coffee shop concept’s new home will be at 1030 Heights Blvd, formerly the residence of Waldo’s & Boulevard Coffee. Located directly on Heights Blvd., EQ Height’s […]

Cavatore Italian Restaurant got a lot of love from readers. Contributed photo.

Eating Around the World: reader suggestions

It’s no secret that Houston is one of the most diverse cities in America – which makes it one of the best places to travel around the world, if only through your stomach. The Leader asked readers what their favorite restaurants were to get international or ethnic food nearby.


Reader: Bullet train

Here is my take on the train. It is going to be a waste of time and money because it’s supposed to take 90 minutes to get from Dallas to Houston on the train. It only takes an hour by plane.


It takes smart people to understand satire

Satire is a delicate art form, and appeals only to smart people like you, who understand the basis before you understand the twists, ridicule and balloons being popped.