Crooks eyeing delivered boxes

R.L. Perdraza looks through burglarized packages left at doorsteps along Rosslyn on Wednesday. A witness said crooks are following delivery trucks and stealing contents of packages during the day. (Photo by Jonathan McElvy)

Sure, going online, ordering a Christmas gift and having it delivered to your home may sound like the easiest way to complete your holiday shopping. Well, unless a criminal follows a delivery truck and rips open your box before you get home. Wednesday morning, an alert neighbor on Rosslyn noticed three opened boxes of gifts […]

Celebrating 60 years of community ‘Leaders’

As The Leader celebrates 60 years in this community, we pooled resources to find a list of 60 people who have helped shape the Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest and all the neighborhoods in between. Developing a list such as this, in some regards, is a no-win situation. There are far more than 60 people […]

The Do-Over: Straightening, strengthening an 1890s home


By Cynthia Lescalleet When driving by the dilapidated 1894 Queen Anne cottage in the Old Sixth Ward, most wannabe homeowners would have likely written it off. The structure and side porch tilted noticeably, its interior had been subdivided into a warren of rooms and the lot came with a shack-like outbuilding. A young professional couple, […]

No money for robbery suspect; his writing stunk

The suspect's writing was so bad he didn't get his loot.

Bank robberies have been common in this area, but there’s no need to worry. This one didn’t happen in The Leader’s coverage area. Regardless, we just had to let you read what the FBI just sent in an official release. (Note to the youngsters: Penmanship counts.) The FBI is releasing photographs of a bank robber […]