Dear Tabby: Uncovering the scoop on litterbox issues

Meet Xanna. This 2½ year old chocolate lab mix is about as resilient as they come. Xanna and her three babies were found in a burnt down gas station, using a tire as a bed and insulation as their bedding. Now it’s Xanna’s turn to be loved and protected. Would your home be the right fit for this angel on earth? If so, contact Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward at:

Dear Tabby, One of my cats has suddenly stopped using the litterbox. I’m getting frustrated–help! Feline Frustration in Forest West   Dear Feline Frustration, According to vets, cats can stop using the litterbox for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, cats are dissatisfied with the placement or number of litterboxes, changes in the environment inside […]

Dear Tabby: Does your dog need duds?

Meet Sawyer. This 5½ month old boy is ready to go home for the holidays! He loves to play at the dog park and is sweet and gentle with everyone (and dog) he meets. Sawyer also fancies himself a lap dog. Could he snuggle in yours next to the tree this year? If so, connect with K-9 Angels at: at or for more info.

Dear Tabby, Does my dog need cold-weather clothes here in Houston? I see dogs wearing sweaters and have even seen them wearing boots. Am I a negligent pet owner if my dog doesn’t have a wardrobe? -Feeling guilty in Garden Oaks   Dear Guilty, Don’t worry. The mere fact that you’ve reached out to ask […]

Dear Tabby: Helping animal charities this Holiday season

Meet Swayze. This 1 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Shepherd mix is looking for someone to give her the “time of her life.” Swayze gets a glowing review from her foster mother. Not a single accident in the house and Swayze loves all of the family members in her foster home--especially the kids. Couldn’t Swayze crash at your place for the Holidays? If so, connect with K-9 Angels Rescue at or for more info.

Dear Tabby, This Holiday season I know there are lots of area shelters that could benefit from donations. What’s the best way to give to these animal charities? Philanthropist in Timbergrove   Dear Philanthropist, Great idea–and yes, animal charities are in constant need of donations in order to keep on, keeping on. Animal shelters and […]

Help for a significant other’s allergy to cats

Dear Tabby, I’ve got a new “special someone” in my life and things are going swimmingly. Here’s the catch: he’s allergic to cats. I have a beloved cat who’s like my child. How can I keep both my boyfriend and my cat happy? – Torn between two lovers in Lazybrook   Dear Torn, Well, my […]

Molly Diaries: It’s getting hot in here…

As the weather is heating up and our schedules change, it might seem like a plausible idea to take your dog along with you to run a quick errand. I mean, you’re only running into the store for one item. How long could that possibly take? And, it’s not that hot out there, right? I’m sure we’ve all had these thoughts.