Neat Tweets 8/03/13

You follow us on Twitter @heightsleader, we’ll follow you. And you might just end up here, if your tweets are neat enough. Neal Williams (@nwilliams) On the list I things I’ll probably never have is “A brunch group.” Suzy Hartgrove (@kitdog) I’m always just one furball away from a full coat. Blue Heron Farm (@BlueHeronFarmTX) […]

Neat Tweets 2/2/13

Kelley_0 (@Kelley_o) I missed a question about Jane Eyre in Trivial Pursuit, but got the one about Eminem correct. What monster have I become. Texas Country Girl (@countrygirl_tex) I use Reliant Energy simply because Matthew McConaughey is their spokesperson. Don Teague (@DonTeague) Anybody else glad we don’t say “information superhighway” anymore? I really hated that… […]

Neat Tweets 1/19

Brittanie @brittanieshey I guess I can consider myself a “social media expert” when an inmate writes me asking how to get more hits for his website. Channel 11 reporter Jeff McShan, covering the Texans vs. Patriots playoff game: Jeff McShan @JeffMcShanKHOU I feel like I am covering a crime scene. Normal day at work Allen […]

Neat tweets 1/12/13

@BlueHeronFarmTX According to my FB feed, I am the only college-educated, middle-aged woman that is not watching Downton Abbey. I am wearing Carpenter Jeans. Jenai Hamilton (@JenaiHam) We’ve entered the season of the Girl Scout cookie. Also known as the downfall of weight-related New Years resolutions. Brett Dolan (@Brettdolan24) Twitter was invented for fun and […]

Neat Tweets 9/6: full of awe, humor and even a touch of romance

Kellie Bramlet (@kellee725) 8/29/12 9:39 AM Taco Bell has sold more than 200 million Doritos Tacos since May. America, what’s wrong with you? Malini Basu (@MaliniKHOU) 8/29/12 9:50 AM I just beeped someone… I didn’t know #beepers still exist! Caroline (@carolinels20) 8/30/12 12:27 PM Every girl deserves a guy who looks at her every day […]

Neat Tweets 8/30: Any Lavinias, Reitas, Onies, Coramaes, Montas out there?

BayouCityHistory (@BayouCtyHistory) 8/24/12 2:29 PM Looking at the 1925 Reagan HS yearbook. Just don’t see these girls’ names anymore: Lavinia, Reita, Onie, Coramae, Monta @HoustonHeights John Perera (@curryhipster) 8/23/12 9:17 PM I see these Sleep Number bed ads and I worry that after a certain number, you’ll never wake up. Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5) 8/17/12 9:16 […]

Neat Tweets 8/23

Maxs Wine Dive (@winediveMAX) 8/16/12 9:40 PM We’re supposed to only play sports on our TVs. #SharkWeek is a sport, right? wotto (@wotto) 8/14/12 11:12 PM Lucas Harrell has 10 of the #Astros 39 wins. In this season, on this team, that deserves at least 1 downtown street named after him. Fitzgerald’s Houston (@FitzLiveMusic) 8/19/12 […]

Neat tweets 8/16

Matt Van Zandt (@CGF_Vanny) 8/9/12 4:53 PM Just passed through Gun Barrel City, TX… I don’t think California would allow a city in their state to be named that Blue Heron Farm (@BlueHeronFarmTX) 8/8/12 7:45 PM I hate to burst the Jesus on a tortilla guy’s bubble, but I think that’s Barry Gibb. Jose Luis […]

Neat Tweets week of Aug. 9

Texas Humor (@TexasHumor) 8/2/12 8:50 AM Waffles taste better when they are shaped like Texas. May Borras (@mforker) 8/4/12 5:49 PM (11 minutes before the start of White Linen Night) White Linen Night in the #houheights! Have already stained my white shirt. #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings John Perera (@curryhipster) 8/4/12 10:42 AM I bought my dad a Fender […]

Neat Tweets for the week August 2

joelwalker (@joelwalker) 7/24/12 9:56 PM It’s official, Wandy got traded and now I can’t name one single Astro. I used to be able to give you the starting lineup. In order. ruben dominguez (@26ruben) 7/23/12 7:54 PM how do i get twitter to stop suggesting i follow Tyra Banks? please help me, i am getting […]