Responses vary to Lee’s re-election

Sheila Jackson Lee won with 72 percent of the vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

I’m appalled at your op-ed piece smearing my Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee. Contrary to your comments, she is an intelligent woman. As a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, she is quite familiar with the U.S. Constitution and knows that it was not written 400 years ago. Evidently she was quoted incorrectly or misspoke . . . you know, like George W. Bush or Joe Biden.

The Reader: Keep up the good work


Dear Editor: Congratulations for being named the Small Business Owner of the year. “The Leader” is tremendous! Request No. 1: As one of the millions of apartment dwellers in the general Oak Forest/Garden Oaks area, would it be possible to include a small diagram of the general area, such as “Shepherd Forest,” when you have […]

Reader: No election help


Dear Editor: [Jonathan McElvy’s] half-page editorial was clever, but didn’t include much meaningful information about election choices. If you are still confused about the judges running for election, try reading the Chronicle (the other newspaper).  They have been publishing information about the candidates, along with recommendations. It doesn’t seem to be “straight ticket” at all. […]