The Do-Over: Post-Holiday Storage Options More Than ‘Bin There, Done That’

When storing holiday décor, place similar items together and lesser-used pieces higher in available shelving. (Contributed photos by Ship Shape Houston Professional Organizing)

By Cynthia Lescalleet As the holidays wrap up, what goes up must come down. Why not use that annual effort to thoughtfully organize and store the seasonal stuff for next time, or perhaps whittle it down a bit? A poll of home renovators and professional organizers working in Leader News neighborhoods netted several suggestions in […]

Independence Heights company puts spin on ‘self-sustaining homes’

It may be hard to believe, but a home like this actually sells its energy back to the grid about as fast as the home uses it.

Americans have loved craftsmen-style homes for centuries. Perhaps it’s because there is nothing so welcoming as solid porch columns, large, ample windows, and a warm wooden porch. One would never guess that several of these same timeless homes in Houston are so new-age, they have no energy bills. Independence Heights resident David Goswick has assembled […]

More ‘hot’ Leader neighborhoods offer affordability, proximity

Jason Vaughn, who moved to Mangum Manor a year ago, checks out what the cold snap did to his front yard. He recently received yard of the month honors. Photo by Betsy Denson.

In last month’s real estate section, The Leader profiled three area neighborhoods which are making a name for themselves in the real estate market – both because of their location and affordability. This month’s neighborhoods – Forest West, Mangum Manor and Germantown near Woodland Heights – are also areas sought out by buyers who feel priced out of the Heights, Garden Oaks and Oak Forest. Read on for a recap of each.