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Christina Chambers and husband J.J. are the owners of a women’s clothing boutique, her and reese, which is opening in April at the Stomping Grounds on West 34th Street.

Christina Chambers got her first job at age 15 at the mall and worked retail through college. Now she and husband J.J. are the owners of a women’s clothing boutique, her and reese, which has been online since 2018.

The first brick-and-mortar location is opening in April at the Stomping Grounds on West 34th Street.

The 835 square foot store is located next to Becca’s Cakes and Flowe Studio. The store’s name is a play on her – Christina – and daughter Hazel Reese.

“Though we are a newer boutique we knew that to grow our online business we needed to take the next step and get a brick-and-mortar location,” Chambers said. “When we came across Stomping Grounds, we just knew it was the spot we had been looking for. The property and aesthetics were exactly what we had envisioned.”

Chambers said the boutique is a good fit for both Garden Oaks and Stomping Grounds.

“(We) offer the latest women’s trends at an affordable price without compromising on quality,” Chambers said. “We also have a wide selection of gifts from home, beauty, paper goods and even a small men’s section. We pride ourselves on supporting other Texas and American small businesses.”

The other tenants at Stomping Grounds were also a draw to Chambers and her husband.

“We genuinely feel grateful to be amongst these amazing businesses and know we will all help each other succeed,” she said. 

Before opening her and reese, Chambers had a 14-year career in real estate selling new homes for a home builder.

“Though real estate isn’t fashion, my store was a model home, and my goods were a home, so it was very much a storefront and retail business,” she said. “Though I have a business degree (J.J.) is more of the business/operations guru and manages our website as well as fulfilling all the online orders. If you’ve ever been to an artisan market it is very likely you’ve never seen me and only have seen him. He often jokes he is the face of the boutique.”

Christina and J.J., who are Kingwood residents, said they would love to move to Garden Oaks in the near future and raise their three children in the area.

Before the store opens, there will be a preview party for local bloggers.

“We will also be planning a big grand opening party for the public with some awesome shopping incentives and goodies,” Chambers said.

For more information, follow them on Facebook or visit www.herandreese.com.

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