Heights Lights and Things

Own Don Keck of Heights Lights and Things, which has been open since 1996, said he plans to close the store soon and is trying to sell all his inventory.

Don Keck has dedicated much of his adult life to the lighting industry, having spent more than two decades serving the Heights and surrounding communities with his expertise.

But possibly within the next few weeks, Keck will be closing Heights Lights and Things at 2515 Harvard St., so he is looking to sell all of his inventory before the store shutters.

“I’m moving to Georgia to be near family, and I didn’t want to have a business here in Texas and be going back and forth,” said Keck, 73, who is retiring from the lighting business. “And the business world for a small businessman has changed drastically since COVID. But it’s been a good run.”

Keck said he has been in lighting since the mid-1970s and started his own business in the 1990s. Since 1996, Heights Lights and Things has worked with local builders and decorators to assist them in their own lighting process.

The store offers an array of lighting products for inside or outdoors, along with access to nearly limitless styles and price options. Shoppers can look at fixtures firsthand in the store, get comfortable with the scale and finish and work with the staff to find the right fit or style for their particular lighting application.

Heights Lights and Things’ original location was at 4616 Heights Blvd., but relocated to its current location following Hurricane Ike in 2009.

From now until everything is gone, Keck said Heights Lights and Things will be open every day from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. The store was originally set to close at the end of this month, but Keck said he has been asking his realtor if it’s possible to ride things out another month due to having so much inventory.

“We’re a bit off the beaten path, but people still come and see us,” he said. “We still have some good deals.”

Having been in the Heights community for more than two decades, Keck said he is thankful for his time spent serving the community.

“I think the best part has just been working with the new home buyers in the selection process and educating them in order to best serve their needs,” he said. “The average person doesn’t usually know what they need in a house, and I can help them out on that.”

Above all, he will not forget the neighborhood’s hospitality and support.

“I truly appreciate them supporting me,” Keck said. “I’ve enjoyed having them in my life.”

For more information on Heights Lights and Things or what might be available, call 713-861-0607 or visit heightslightsandthings.com.

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