No-H2O hosted a grand opening at 1345 N. Shepherd Dr. on Monday. (Contributed photo)

Going to a standard car wash, No-H2O CEO Larry Ogden said, lacks that high level of care, personal touch, and convenience that customers really want.

And that personal touch and convivence, he said, is exactly what he and the rest of the team at No-H2O are aiming to bring to residents of Greater Heights and surrounding areas, along with a more environmentally friendly way to keep their car looking better for longer after detailing is finished. 

“Having it be a hand detail brings a level of care – if you’re running it through a machine, they’re just harder on cars and harder on paint. So ultimately your car does not look very good,” he said. “(No-H2O) is really just trying to introduce this new concept of a better way to wash and detail your car.  Additionally, for those busy professionals having the option to bring the wash and detail to you rather than the other way around is huge convenience and time savings for our customers”

On Monday, No-H2O held its grand opening in the Heights at  1345 N. Shepherd Dr. as part of “Waterless Week,” giving residents of the Heights and the surrounding areas the opportunity to go "waterless" when it comes to cleaning their vehicles. Throughout the week, they will have special promotions, including free washes for teachers, healthcare workers, and veterans and a coat drive with the Star of Hope over the weekend.

Traditionally, Ogden said it takes 35 gallons of fresh water to clean one car at a traditional car wash, of which there are hundreds in the Greater Houston region. No-H2O’s car detailing system, however, uses no water.

By offering “dry cleaning for cars,” Ogden said No-H2O saves fresh water and also prevents harsh chemical runoff from entering drainage systems. The company has begun making headway with local airports and other commercial places for the detail system.

“We see that bringing this service to large commercial offices, apartments, and other businesses in Houston is a huge convenience and time saver for employees and is something we really like to emphasize in discussions with larger corporate clients,” Ogden said.

There are multiple reasons, Ogden said, why No-H2O’s product and process can potentially appeal to residents of the Heights and surrounding areas. Not least of all, he said hand-detailing provides a level of care and personal touch simply not available at most commercial car washes.

And helping customers feel that curated experience, he said, is one of the core principles of No-H2O’s process, because even though it cannot necessarily be quantified, personalizing an experience does wonders along with helping customers better keep up their car while helping the environment.

“I’ve always wanted more of a curated experience, something that’s a little more personal with virtually everything. This that same kind of concept,” Ogden said.

Further adding to the personalized touch, company CFO Don Owens said, is the fact that No-H2O offers a mobile app where those wishing to order a detail can simply download the app and order a service, after which a No-H2O specialist will come out to their home or office and complete the detail on site.

Owens said that means no lines, no waiting, and no being stuck at a detail shop for hours on end during a work day.

“Where we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback is from people who have a busy schedule and lifestyles,” Owens said. “These busy professions tend to love our on-demand service and similar to door dash or uber like services it can be a real time saver. The convenience factor is also a  huge factor for a lot of people.”

That chance to slow down, Ogden said, does not come around often enough these days. So No-H2O is looking to give customers that customized experience that provides both a clean car and a fresh state of mind.

“We live in a very fast-paced society,” he said. “This is a chance to actually slow down and do something that’s going to both take care of the environment and your car at a much higher level.”

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