Jessica Ciosek

Oak Forest resident Jessica Ciosek, owner of Wilder Coaching Collective, is offering a new group coaching series to help people find a more fulfilling career. 

Oak Forest resident Jessica Ciosek is dedicated to helping people step out of their comfort zone to find a career they can be truly passionate about.

Next month, Ciosek is launching a new group coaching series, Design Your Life, through her business Wilder Coaching Collective, that will help people do just that.

“It is really easy to get in the habit of living the life we’ve created without wanting to make a change,” Ciosek said. “Coaching gives people the space to reflect and gives them ability to come up with the answer to their own challenges.”

Design Your Life was created by Stanford professors Dave Evans and Bill Burnett, and Ciosek is using their methodology in her series, which begins Sept. 15 and has five weekly sessions on Wednesdays.

“(Evans and Burnett) applied designed theory to life, focusing on career because we use so much of our life working,” Ciosek said.

Ciosek explained the first session starts by participants defining what they want to do now, or in five years and what is stopping them from acquiring that goal, or keeping them stuck in the same place.

One of the tools used in the coaching is having participants journal their daily activities to begin noticing what give them energy and what deflates them, she said. In group coaching they will share what aspects of their daily life they most enjoy and the group will help brainstorm possible career options that will benefit them the most.

“There’s a lot of limiting beliefs, and in this framework we call them dysfunctional beliefs,” Ciosek said. “If someone does have a limiting belief, how can someone reframe that belief to get them unstuck. (A limiting belief) can be as simple as just thinking you have to have a career that only fits your degree.”

Another tool used during the series is mind mapping, which starts with the data collected from journaling, and participants will take what they found to give them the most energy during the day and build upon it using word association.

“It helps to not censor yourself and helps dig up what you”re most excited about,” Ciosek said. “In a group setting you share and that generates ideas and questions about potential careers.”

The pandemic has given people a chance to consider that maybe they want to do something else with their life, Ciosek said.

The ideal candidate for the Design Your Life group coaching is someone who is committed to creating a life and career that they love, she said.

“Someone who wants to make change now,” Ciosek said.

The Design Your Life group coaching series is $640, but Ciosek offers a 10 percent discount to those who sign up before Sept. 1, which can be done here: The series will be held at Sesh Coworking, 1210 W. Clay Rd.

Wilder Coaching Collective also offering one-on-one career and leadership coaching.

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