Area residents looking for updates about City of Houston improvement projects in their communities now have an additional resource at their disposal.

Houston Public Works (HPW) has created a public engagement website, EngageHouston.org, which it said in a news release is designed to make it easier to find information about improvement projects in the city.

“Engage Houston will give Houstonians real-time information and points of contact for questions related to improvement projects,” Houston Public Works Director Carol Haddock said in the release. “This website has streamlined how we deliver information and receive feedback from the community.”

There are three active or planned local projects listed on the website, including new concrete street paving on Ashland Street between 9th Street and 11th Street in the Heights, and the final two phases of a drainage and paving project in Garden Oaks and Shepherd Park Plaza.

The Ashland Street paving project began in May and is expected to be completed in winter 2022. It has a budget of nearly $1.8 million and according to Engage Houston, the construction will provide storm drainage improvements, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, street lighting and underground utilities.

The Garden Oaks and Shepherd Park West drainage project, which is the second of three phases, has been budgeted to cost $26.2 million and is slated to begin in spring 2022. A completion date has not been determined.

The Garden Oaks and Shepherd Park East project has been allocated $17.9 million. According to Engage Houston, the project has not been included in the city’s current 5-year capital improvement plan, and neither a start date nor completion date was assigned to the project as of Tuesday.

Users will have the option to sign up for updates from Engage Houston via mail, email, phone or text message.

Community members are invited to set up an account and provide feedback regarding current projects, including drainage, water, wastewater and street projects.

The city’s public engagement team of Kenya Williams, Ulysses Moore and Timothy Williams can be reached at buildforward@houstontx.gov.

To contact Houston Public Works, call 832-395-2500 or the city’s 311 service line. Residents can also email publicworks@houstontx.gov or follow the department on Facebook and Twitter @HouPublicWorks.

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