Alan Rosen Commissioners Court

Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen speaks at Harris County Commissioners Court in 2020. (Photo by Adam Zuvanich)

Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen, who serves the Heights, Garden Oaks and Oak Forest areas, has been dismissed as a defendant from a federal lawsuit that alleges sexual misconduct by two high-ranking members of his office during a human-trafficking sting operation.

U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Hoyt on Monday granted Rosen's motion for dismissal from the lawsuit. Hoyt wrote in his order that allegations made by the plaintiffs - four former female deputies and another woman who worked for the constable's office as a human-trafficking advocate - would not support "Rosen's individual liability" if proven to be true.

The judge denied motions to dismiss Precinct 1 Assistant Chief Chris Gore and Lt. Shane Rigdon as defendants in the case. Harris County also is a defendant.

"I thank the court for its considered review of the law as it pertains to the motion to dismiss me from this matter, and for granting that dismissal such that my full focus can remain on the needs of the residents of Precinct 1," Rosen said in a statement released by his office.

Houston attorney Cordt Akers, who is representing the women, said when the lawsuit was filed in May that the constable's office held "bachelor party" sting operations in which the female deputies were ordered to pose as prostitutes and the male deputies acted the part of buyers, in order to create an atmosphere in which actual sex workers would feel comfortable and more likely to engage in illegal actively. But according to the lawsuit, the women working for the constable's office who were "handpicked ... under the guise of legitimate police work were molested and traumatized by their intoxicated male commanding officers for their own sexual gratification."

The plaintiffs in the case are Jacquelyn Aluotto, the human-trafficking advocate who worked for the constable's office, and former deputies Liz Gomez, Jassmine Huff, Felecia McKinney and Marissa Sanchez, according to court documents.

"The court ruled that our clients' civil rights lawsuit moves forward against Harris County and the two high-ranking officials still actively working at Constable Rosen’s office," Akers said in a statement. "While Alan Rosen has been able to protect his personal financial interests, his conduct is still very much a part of the lawsuit."

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