Our Favorite Zoos of 2022

Zoos are often thought of as places where people go to see animals, but they also play an important role in conservation. By housing and breeding endangered species, zoos are helping to ensure that these animals do not go extinct. Additionally, zoos are involved in research that is helping to improve the understanding of animal behavior and ecology.

Another important role of zoos is education. By providing information about the animals they house, zoos can help the public to understand and appreciate the natural world. Additionally, by getting people up close and personal with animals, zoos can help to foster a sense of empathy and concern for their welfare.

Finally, zoos provide a home for animals that would otherwise be living in the wild. While some people argue that captivity is cruel, many zoos provide large enclosures that allow animals to roam and behave naturally. Additionally, zoos typically have staff who are experts in animal care and husbandry, meaning that the animals are well-cared for.

When was the last time you went to a zoo? Check out our list of the country’s best zoos and plan a visit!

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