Bike lane

A cyclist rides near the recently repaired bicycle lane Tuesday on the west side of Nicholson Street in the Heights. 

A Heights bicycle lane that was damaged for about a month recently was patched with fresh asphalt.

Concrete was torn up in the bike lane on the west side of Nicholson Street in four different places between 16th and 19th streets, according to Heights-area resident Kevin Strickland, who frequents the area. He said he first noticed the damage around the beginning of July, with two of the four rough patches having been paved over around the middle of the month. As of early this week, all four spots had been repaired.

Houston Public Works spokesperson Erin Jones said the damage was the result of utility work done by AT&T, which was responsible for making the repairs on the city street.

"AT&T was doing work in the area, and they ended up tearing up the concrete in the bike lane," Jones said.

According to a July 12 email from AT&T's Steven Garcia to a Houston Public Works employee, which was obtained by The Leader, an AT&T contractor had completed work in the bike lane on Nicholson and "agreed to repair the bike lane and bring it up to grade."

Jones deferred to AT&T for more information about the work that was done, the extent of the damage in the bike lane, how it was caused and how much it cost to repair. Garcia did not respond to an email seeking comment and more information.

Strickland said he alerted the city to the issue through 311 service requests.

"People in bikes have to go in the streets," Strickland said before the repairs were made. "It’s high-traffic residential."

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