Fall Family Fun Day Saturday at Wabash Feed & Garden

Children paint rocks during Fall Family Fun Day Saturday at Wabash Feed & Garden. (Photo by Stefan Modrich)

Saturday mornings are prime time at Wabash Feed & Garden, 4537 N. Shepherd Drive.

Last Saturday, the garden center was bustling with a slightly different crowd.

I walked through a maze of rows of plants, colorful pots and garden decorations, consistent with the “little bit of country in the heart of the city” vibe I saw upon reading about Wabash online before visiting. I noticed families gathered around tables working on what were essentially natural arts and crafts for the store’s Fall Family Fun Day.

According to Cindy Champion, one of Wabash’s employees, the event was a success and had between 200 and 300 people attend.

“It was a wonderful turnout,” she said.

Champion said the event was free to families, with the exception of the cost of a pumpkin. Children decorated pumpkins and painted rocks, along with crafting bird feeders from pine cones and making chia pets. The group also learned how to plant peanuts, she said.

In the past, Champion said the store has held regular classes on a variety of topics, such as making sauerkraut and fermenting vegetables as well as beekeeping, planting and maintaining a garden.

“Rock painting was a big success,” Champion said. “I had no idea. I ran out of paint and everything else. We decorated pine cones with peanut butter and put bird seed on them so they can hang them for bird feeders.”

Kids also had the option to make chia pets, terracotta figurines that sprout chia, a grass-like plant that sprouts to resemble hair or fur on the human or animal-shaped figurines.

One Greater Inwood resident, Josephine Ledezma, said she found out about the Fall Family Fun Day on Facebook and was there with her daughter Severa Ledezma, 9, nearly from start to finish of the two-hour event.

“(Severa) loved every single activity,” Josephine said. “She’s an artist. She loves painting and creating art.”

For more information, call Wabash Feed Store at 713-863-8322 or visit wabashfeed.com/calendar.

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