In the eyes of many, longtime local realtor Pat Walker was truly one-of-a-kind. To know her was to love her, and once someone met her they were friends for life.

And though she is now gone, those who knew her say they will never forget her. Walker passed away last month on March 28, at the age of 86, and the community has since seen an outpouring of love for the longtime realtor, friend, daughter, and sister.

“Pat knew everyone and nobody who met Pat ever forgot Pat,” said longtime friend David Frost, also a fellow realtor in the profession. “She was like a celebrity wherever she went and was universally admired.”

In both her work and her personal life, those who knew her characterized Walker as someone who was always encouraging others, constantly seeking opportunities to be a light in someone’s light and to lift them up with words of affirmation, praise, and more.

She will be remembered by many, friends said, for her loyalty, generosity, and kindness that was one of a kind. 

 “I remember many times when a friend was in need, Pat was fast to send food, money or some of her encouraging words or all three…She was a mentor to many professionally and personally,” Efferson said. “(She was) quick to assist with anything and at any time. Devoted to her family… So many of us feel the loss of this truly great and one of a kind woman.”

Flo Perry, who said she met Walker in 2012, said she watched Walker become the “church mom” to many in her church as she displayed the warmth and compassion friends say was instantly palpable upon meeting her.

“I was immediately impressed by her warmth, humor, and deep faith. I grew to love and admire her as did most people who got to know her,” Perry said. “… Her love of people was so obvious.”

Walker’s profession was as a realtor, where she helped buyers and sellers in the Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, and more for more than 40 years before her retirement. And many acknowledged that she was phenomenal realtor, one who was a top producer at multiple brokerages and owned a Keller Williams office in Oak Forest.

““She shared her wisdom and professionalism as well as her clients. Pat had very loyal clients, many of whom she had assisted with multiple real estate transactions over many years,” Efferson said.

But many said that she was also much more than simply a realtor helping a client. She became so closely embedded with some of those she helped buy or sell a home that she was invited to come to special events in the family’s lives such as birthdays, baby showers, housewarmings, anniversaries, and weddings.

“Pat Walker was an unselfish person.  She gave of her time, talents, and treasures wherever she was engaged.  She loved and was dedicated to her family and friends.  You knew when you were with Pat that she gave you her full attention,” said Rev. Leslie Jackson, the senior pastor at St. Peter United Church of Christ, where Walker attended. “.... Pat lived life to the fullest, but for all she took from life she gave it back 10-fold to those of us that knew her well.”

That kind of relationship, friends said, was one of the many things that made her almost a larger than life person in the Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, and surrounding communities.

“She served her community in such a positive way,” said Lauren Amaro with Nan and Company Properties. “Her clients didn’t see her as just their realtor, more like a family member.”

For Efferson, it was a friendship she didn’t even see coming. She and Walker attended the same church for a while, Efferson said, but never really knew one another. Then one day out of the blue, Walker called her up to take her out to lunch.

And her personality, Efferson said, was instantly almost magnetic and one that those who met Walker throughout her life could not help getting drawn in by.

“She was – from our first meeting – a person that would always be an important part of my life, personally and professionally,” Efferson said. “…. It seemed as though she knew everyone and everyone that knew her loved her.”

And even as serious as she was about her work and decades-long career in real estate, those who know said she could also cut loose with the best of them. Frost said she loved having a good time and often ran over to Las Vegas to play and see a show.

Efferson remembered Walker joking she could not retire because “she loved shoes, hats and a new Cadillac,” and that she had a special collection of unique hats that she never failed to bust out for special occasions. Whatever the occasion, she was always ready.

“We always had a giggle and a laugh about some crazy story we'd heard or one of life's endless absurdities,” Frost said. “I will miss her terribly.”

Amaro echoed the sentiment.

“Pat’s witty humor and ability to light up any room (stands out),” Amaro said. “She was full of jokes and enjoyed making people have a good laugh.”

And though she is now gone, the light that she shined onto and into others’ lives will not be forgotten in the eyes, hearts, or memories of those who say they were cherished and blessed enough to know her.

She will live on forever in their hearts, a person whose impact on their lives will be there for the rest of their lives.

“If you knew her, you knew unconditional love, respect and a bond that true friendship brings,” Efferson said. “I know that Pat Walker is now with all of the angels that went before her. And friends, that means there is a big celebration in heaven.”

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