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Pet lovers and supporters in the area will have a chance to bring their families and four-legged friends to an outdoor community event this weekend benefitting a local animal assistance group.

While your four-legged friend would probably just be happy spending time with you on a walk around your neighborhood, sometimes you need a change of pace. Here are some suggestions for some dog-friendly spots in the area.

When Oak Forest-based Rescued Pets Movement (RPM) sends vans full of fostered dogs and cats to the organization’s partners in Colorado, they typically return empty as the fosters are taken to their new forever homes.

Dear Tabby, I have a cat and would love some tips on keeping loose litter at bay! Litter gets tracked all over the house and it’s pretty gross–help! Not a Lover of Litter in Garden Oaks Dear Not a Lover of Litter, Cats are such wonderful pets … low maintenance, warm, cuddly and graceful. Maybe […]

Dear Tabby, My cat’s breath stinks! He’s only 3 years old and his teeth look clean, so I don’t understand why his breath suddenly smells so bad. Help! Dragon Breath in Inwood Dear Dragon Breath, While dogs are typically the pets associated with bad breath, cats can also be afflicted with a case of halitosis. […]

Dear Tabby, My 13-year-old wants to get a pet lizard. I’m not sold on the idea. Do lizards make good pets? And can they be affectionate pets? Leaping Lizards in the Heights Dear Leaping Lizards, Believe it or not, not only do lizards make good pets, but they can be rather easy, low-maintenance pet options […]

Dear Tabby, We have an older dog who is starting to have some health issues. I’ve heard about chiropractors for animals and was curious to know if a chiropractor could help our dog? Curious about Chiro in Cottage Grove Dear Curious about Chiro, These days, it’s possible to find vets who specialize in all sorts […]