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While your four-legged friend would probably just be happy spending time with you on a walk around your neighborhood, sometimes you need a change of pace. Here are some suggestions for some dog-friendly spots in the area.

When Oak Forest-based Rescued Pets Movement (RPM) sends vans full of fostered dogs and cats to the organization’s partners in Colorado, they typically return empty as the fosters are taken to their new forever homes.

Dear Tabby, I have a cat and would love some tips on keeping loose litter at bay! Litter gets tracked all over the house and it’s pretty gross–help! Not a Lover of Litter in Garden Oaks Dear Not a Lover of Litter, Cats are such wonderful pets … low maintenance, warm, cuddly and graceful. Maybe […]

Dear Tabby, My cat’s breath stinks! He’s only 3 years old and his teeth look clean, so I don’t understand why his breath suddenly smells so bad. Help! Dragon Breath in Inwood Dear Dragon Breath, While dogs are typically the pets associated with bad breath, cats can also be afflicted with a case of halitosis. […]

Dear Tabby, My 13-year-old wants to get a pet lizard. I’m not sold on the idea. Do lizards make good pets? And can they be affectionate pets? Leaping Lizards in the Heights Dear Leaping Lizards, Believe it or not, not only do lizards make good pets, but they can be rather easy, low-maintenance pet options […]

Dear Tabby, We have an older dog who is starting to have some health issues. I’ve heard about chiropractors for animals and was curious to know if a chiropractor could help our dog? Curious about Chiro in Cottage Grove Dear Curious about Chiro, These days, it’s possible to find vets who specialize in all sorts […]

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My 9-year-old golden retriever is just a big fat baby. A big golden goober is what I call him. When I imagine what he would sound like if he could talk, I think about the dog from the Pixar movie “Up.” You know, the one that is constantly distracted by squirrels. And my dog, Auggie, […]

Dear Tabby, Our 11-year-old dog throws up more than I feel is normal. Sometimes it’s just kind of a dry cough that turns into her “spitting up,” and sometimes it’s a full-blown, retching vomit. Should we be concerned? Barfing in Brooke Smith Dear Barfing in Brooke Smith, You’re right to be a little concerned about […]

Dear Tabby, We’re giving our mixed breed dog a DNA test for Christmas! What kind of information can we expect to find out from it? I just took a DNA test in Timbergrove Dear I just took a DNA test, DNA tests are all the rage for humans and even pets these days. These genetic […]

Dear Tabby, Our older dog is having trouble getting around these days, but he still seems interested in going on walks. Any advice on making sure that the walks that we take him on are still fun for him but also don’t cause him any unnecessary discomfort? Golden in His Golden Years in Garden Oaks […]

Dear Tabby, We have a new cat and we’re worried she’s going to destroy our Christmas tree this year! Any advice on keeping pets from ruining our festive decor? Decking the Halls in The Heights Dear Decking the Halls, Ah … cats. You’ve got to love those crazy little domesticated tigers! And you’re correct to […]

Dear Tabby, I’m flying somewhere soon and was thinking about taking my small dog along. What do I need to know about flying with my pet? Flying With Fido in Forest West Dear Flying With Fido, Often when we travel, the hardest part is leaving our four-legged friends behind. But, before you book your dog’s […]

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Dear Tabby When the weather got chilly here recently, our little Chihuahua got so cold! Even though she stays in the house most of the time, it seemed like she just couldn’t warm up. Any tips for helping her stay warm as the weather changes? Cold Chihuahua in Woodland Heights Dear Cold Chihuahua, Despite the […]

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Dear Tabby, Our cat, Simba, drools when we pet him. I didn’t know that cats could drool like dogs do! Why is our cat doing this–is he sick? Drooling Cat in Timbergrove Dear Drooling Cat, It can be a little unsettling when you see your normally delicate and clean kitty drooling buckets of saliva. There […]

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Dear Tabby, We recently adopted a puppy and were thinking about getting her a monthly dog treat and toy subscription. We’ve found that they can be kind of expensive, though. Are pet subscription boxes worth it? Shopping for Goodies in Garden Oaks Dear Shopping for Goodies, Pet subscription boxes can be a lot of fun […]

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Dear Tabby, We are the proud owners of a black kitty whom we adore, but we hear a lot of chatter about how black cats are unadoptable and even people who are scared of them! Can you explain why people are hesitant to adopt black cats and help convince them otherwise? Black cat obsessed in […]

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Dear Tabby, Our family is ready to get our first pet! The thing is, we’re just not sure if a dog or a cat would be the right fit for our busy family. We’re exploring all of our options (including fish and even reptiles), but wanted to get your take on making the leap into […]

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Dear Tabby, With the outbreak of COVID-19 impacting our world, I’ve been concerned about its impact on pets. Can pets get the disease or can humans get it from pets? Concerned about Corona in Cottage Grove   Dear Concerned about Corona, What a strange time we’re living in, isn’t it? The good news is that […]