With the bad weather that we’ve been having this winter, I was hoping for some tips for helping to keep my dog from getting bored while stuck inside. Any ideas?

Cabin Fever in Cottage Grove

Dear Cabin Fever,

We have had some pretty wild weather this year so far. The weather, coupled with the pandemic, has left many pets and their owners feeling rather stir crazy. While a nice outdoor walk is always a great way to burn off some steam and entertain your pooch, sometimes that’s just not an option. Here are a few indoor activities that will keep Rover entertained during all of our inclement weather and/or global pandemics.

DIY agility course

If you have kids stuck at home, too, get them involved in making a do-it-yourself agility course for your dog. If you have any collapsible tunnels for your pets to play in, use those to create an indoor agility course. If you don’t have anything like that, use boxes, chairs and cushions to create obstacles that you can entice your pet to run around (treats work well for encouragement). Bonus points if you can convince your kids to do the course as well!


A game as old as time, tug-o-war is easy, doesn’t usually require the purchase of anything special, and engages your dog’s brain as well as his brawn. If you have a rope toy, these work best for tug-o-war, but an old towel can also work in a pinch (just make sure not to let your dog chew on the towel and ingest any of the material as that can cause a dangerous blockage).


Now is a great opportunity to teach your old dog some new tricks. Check out YouTube for tutorials on how to teach your dog a trick in just a few minutes. Simple tricks are usually easy to teach in as little as 10-15 minutes and help keep your doggo’s brain engaged during a serious bout of cabin fever.

Hide and Go Seek

Yep, that beloved childhood game of Hide and Go Seek can be played with your dog. You can either play the traditional way, or you can hide treats around the house for him to find.

Living in Texas, while we have lots of beautiful weather days, we often have inclement weather during each of the four seasons. So, it’s a good idea to have some fun indoor activities in your back pocket for keeping your pets entertained when outdoor time just isn’t possible.

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