Not every pet is dealt the best hand in life, so it is important for them to have the necessary care and shelter opportunities so they can have the best shot at finding a forever home.

It’s lucky for the community’s furry friends, then, that are an abundance of organizations in their local neighborhoods who are fighting that good fight.

The Friends 4 Life Shelter in the Heights is one of the more prominent shelters in the area at 107 E. 22nd St., which gives the community plenty of chances to adopt both cats and dogs. It is currently closed to walk-ins, but adoptions are still a go.

So, too, does K-9 Angels Rescue at 1215 W. 19th St., which is committed to rescuing and re-homing shelter dogs in and around the city regardless of their breed or circumstance.

The Animal Justice League is a nonprofit primarily devoted to serving the Garden Oaks, Oak Forest and Greater Houston areas in fostering pets and placing them in homes. Rescued Pets Movement at 2317 W. 34th St. has helped place nearly 60,000 homeless animals in permanent homes since opening in late 2013. A little way down the road at 5380 W. 34th St., Doggedly Dog Rescue Society offers similar services, while its website ( also has educational materials on how the community can assist their adopted animal in reintegrating.

Another rescue organization that locals might be familiar with, despite it not being based in the neighborhood, is Cypress Lucky Mutts Rescue. Bob, the popular stray dog who roamed the streets of Garden Oaks, Oak Forest and other nearby neighborhoods from 2015 until earlier this year, is in foster care with a Cypress Lucky Mutts volunteer who lives in Candlelight Plaza.

Lola’s Lucky Day Rescue ( was founded in 2015 by Larissa Gavin, who wanted to help homeless animals in Houston, and named after Gavin’s first rescue, according to its website. The organization helps find homes for those furry friends in need.

Also, Project Rescue Ready is an organization devoted to preparing dogs and cats to be rescued by fosters, adopters, rescues or sanctuaries.

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