Often times, pets are someone’s best friend, the one who’s always there to come home to at the end of the day for a snuggle or hug.

But in order to keep man’s best friends happy and healthy, some regular health checkups can do a pet good. So it’s a good thing there are numerous veterinary clinics and shelters in Garden Oaks, Oak Forest and the Heights as well as surrounding neighborhoods.

There is no one-size-fits-all care regiment for your pet as each one is unique, much like people. Different options are needed, and there is no shortage of them in the area.

In the Heights, there is a particularly concentrated volume of clinics for community members to take their pets. Among your choices are Urban Animal Veterinary Clinic at 1327 Yale St., which has a 4.3 rating out of 5 stars in 92 Google Reviews, or the North Durham Animal Clinic at 2018 N. Durham Dr. for needs such as dentistry, blood tests, x-rays, surgery, micro-chipping, boarding and baths.

If they’re unable to find what they’re looking for there, check out the Heights Veterinary Clinic, which is one of the oldest clinics in Houston at 1431 N. Shepherd Dr. Corner Vet at Houston Heights (440 W. 19th St.) and the Heights Hospital for Animals (333 W. 20th St.) could also potentially suit your needs.

In the Lazybrook/Timbergrove area, community members are close to Jester Plaza Vet Clinic at 1957 T.C. Jester Blvd., while those in the Garden Oaks/Oak Forest area can visit the Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital (2120 W. 34th St.) and Garden Oaks Veterinary Clinic (3408 N. Shepherd Dr.).

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