Food briefs: Food truck to open brick and mortar in Garden Oaks

The building at 5013 N. Shepherd Dr. will soon house Pho-jita’s brick-and-mortar location, named Sao Lao. 

The food truck Pho-jita, which served fusion of Thai and Mexican cuisines, is planting roots in the Garden Oaks at its first brick-and-mortar at 5013 N. Shepherd Dr.

Husband-wife duo John Tapia and Souli Phaduangdet are co-owners of the concept and have decided to focus mainly on Thai and Lao food in the restaurant, which will be named Sao Lao Thai Café.

“We only have two items on the truck that are still the fusion of Thai and Mexican,” Phaduangdet said. “Thai was more popular.”

Some of what’s on the food truck will be featured on the restaurant menu, but as for the future of the food truck itself, Phaduangdet is unsure.

“We’re thinking about keeping it for catering,” Phaduangdet said, “but we don’t have a lot of employees right now, and we would need help.”

Sao Lao is expected to open middle to late June.

Latte art competition

A part of what makes lattes unique is the art baristas will often “draw” with milk or dairy-free milk on top of the froth.

To showcase this particular art, Amsterdam Co., 807 W. 19th St., is hosting a Latte Art Throwdown at 7 p.m. June 16. While 16 people will be competing for first, second and third place, the public is invited to watch the event.

Pre-Fourth of July spectacular at Karbach

On July 3, Karbach Brewing Co., 2032 Karbach St., is bring back live music to the biergarten by hosting a spectacular with music from Ghostland Observatory and Ishi.

The event, which takes place from 5-10 p.m., will also feature DJ Mohawk and a finale of fireworks. Tickets are limited and on sale for $25 at

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