Jackie's Kitchen

Even while Jackie Le operated the old IHOP at the corner of Mangum Road and Dacoma Street for 10 years, she always had an end goal in mind.

“Running a restaurant was always my dream,” she said.

She is running it and then some. In May of this year, Jackie’s Kitchen celebrated 12 years in the Oak Forest area at 2210 Mangum Rd. serving up southern-style comfort food and much more since 2010. She’s living out what she has always wanted, and said she is thankful for the community support she has continued to receive more than a decade after opening.

Le bought out the old IHOP when its contract was up more than a decade ago, and the rest – so far – is history.

“When I was running IHOP, I dreamed of having my name up there,” she said. “This really is my dream come true.”

And it’s still going all these years later, she said, because she and her staff have never strayed from their intended purpose. Their goal has always been – and always will be – to serve high-quality comfort food and drinks in a homey, comfortable, and family-oriented atmosphere.

Through the years, Le and her staff have become known for the restaurant’s chicken and waffles along with 10 different kinds of omelets and other breakfast staples. However, it is much more than your standard breakfast spot. Jackie’s also offers menu items for lunch and dinner, including various types of burgers and sandwiches along with meatloaf, chicken tenders, tilapia, T-bone steak, chicken fried steak, and more.

Jackie’s also offers items such as the strawberry cheesecake chimichanga and fruit crepes for dessert, as well as Monday specials on chicken and dumplings and Wednesday specials on Pho – a tribute to Le’s native Vietnam.

“I’m all about customer service. I love my customers, and everybody is so friendly,” Le said. “And I feel so good when I give them good food, good service, and so they keep coming back. I love what I do here at Jackie’s.”

Above all, Le wanted to thank her customers for all their support over the course of 12 years in business – even after COVID-19 hit the region in 2020, forcing the restaurant to close for about a month. However, she said they never stopped coming out when it opened again with restrictions.

Further, she said the crowds have come back and then some, in earnest, since the restaurant reopened without restrictions. Prior to the pandemic, she estimated Jackie’s served about 3,000 customers per month. Now, she said, that number is closer to 4,600 or 4,700 per month.

And Le knows she could not have made it through that stretch without the community support.

“I really appreciate all of our customers,” she said. “They really helped me pull through it.”

That love, it appears, is fully reciprocated. Jackie’s has a rating of 4.4 out of five stars from more than 1,000 Google Review. It also has a four-star Yelp rating based on 149 reviews.

The Oak Forest and surrounding communities have made Jackie’s Kitchen a staple as Le and her staff continue to dish out southern comfort at corner of Mangum and Dacoma. And she plans to be there for as long as they will have her.

“It makes me feel so happy (to see them all still coming),” she said. “We appreciate all the customers here at Jackie’s Kitchen.”

Jackie’s Kitchen is open daily from 6 a.m.-4 p.m. For a menu or more information, call 713-681-1916, visit the restaurant’s website at jackieskitchenhouston.com, or email info@jackieskitchenhouston.com

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