Luna Pizzeria

Pictured is the pepperoni and margherita pizzas from Luna Pizzeria. The front pizza is a build-your-own with arugula, hot honey drizzle, chicken and prosciutto. 

Toppings can make or break a pizza.

But the dough is just as important. Great toppings can become a negative with crust that’s too soggy. So when I’m looking for a new pizza spot, I’m looking for a combination of toppings and bread that tastes great.

Luna Pizzeria hit the nail on the head for both — for the most part.

The space has a cool vibe. Its walls are decorated with geometric shapes, stripped and colored with wood paneling and paint.

Luna serves personal-sized pizza for $10 and larges for an additional $8. Patrons can also create their own, which starts at $9 and has upcharges for toppings ranging from $0.50 to $2.

I ordered two of Luna’s personal-sized signature pizzas, including the pepperoni and the margherita. I also built my own with arugula, hot honey drizzle, chicken and prosciutto. And because I’m always up for trying desserts, I grabbed a slice of Italian cream cake.

The pizzas were for carry-out and kept warm all the way home.

The pepperoni came with mozzarella, provolone and parmesan. The pepperonis were the size of a quarter. As the pizza cooked, many of the pepperonis curved into a bowl shape and came out nice and crispy at its edges. There wasn’t much sauce on the pizza. It was mostly a layer of cheese and pepperoni.

The dough was the same on all. It was thin without being crispy. The crust of the pizza was small because the toppings took most of the room. The bread was soft and not at all soggy, even after the car ride.

The margherita came with tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil. Tomato sauce dominated this pizza and the mozzarella was melted in dollops around the pie. The fresh basil was scattered in cut strips, but while eating the pizza I often forgot they were even there. I actually love a pizza with lots of sauce, so this one was a quick favorite for me.

The pizza I built myself came with the arugula, hot honey drizzle and prosciutto in a container on the side. I liked that I could decide how much of it to add to the pizza. However, after one bite of the prosciutto I took it off.

Prosciutto is an Italian dry-cured ham that is thinly sliced. It wasn’t my first taste of the meat, but the combination of a cold, almost slimy meat on top of the warm pizza was a turn-off for me. My favorite addition ended up being the hot honey drizzle, which was instantly spicy against my tongue. I really enjoyed the sweet tang it gave the pizza.

The Italian cream cake, which is usually made with a vanilla cake, coconut and pecans with a cream cheese frosting, was the perfect ending to my meal. The cake was moist and the icing wasn’t too much. It’s definitely a dessert I would get again.

While the personal pizzas are about 9 inches, the three I brought home more than fed three of us. The leftovers amounted to one personal pizza. Plus, I liked the small slices.

Luna also has salads and sandwiches available on its menu.

Luna Pizzeria

Address: 107 Yale St.

Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily

Pricing: $6-$18

Kid-friendly: Yes

Alcohol: Yes

Healthy options: Yes

Star of the show: Margherita pizza

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