Pictured is the bacon and egg kolache, blueberry muffin ring and iced vanilla latte from Grindhouse. 

Good people, good coffee and great kolaches. That’s what Grindhouse on North Shepherd Drive, just a stone’s throw away from St. Pius X High School, has to offer.

The shop has only a few spots to sit, so when I arrived on a recent Saturday around 10 a.m., I was out of luck in finding a spot. In the few times in the past I’ve dropped by the shop, I’ve been able to sit and relax, so having to take my order to-go didn’t bother me.

Currently, the shop has a limited menu due to the pandemic, featuring hot and iced coffees, kolaches and a selection of pastries like muffins and muffin rings.

The workers behind the counter were both nice as they helped me choose my selection for the day, and then helped each other prepare the order.

The glass case beside the counter displaying the pastries also made it easy to look over and decide what I wanted. However, I noticed that the case was already depleted, so I recommend getting to the shop early to get a wider range of options.

When I asked for something iced and creamy with a balance of coffee flavor with a little sweetness, I was told the vanilla iced latte would be the perfect choice. If I wanted something sweeter, I was to go with an iced white mocha. I ordered the first coffee option along with a blueberry muffin ring and a kolache with egg and bacon.

When I’ve grabbed a regular latte during past visits, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with cute latte art, like a bear. The coffee is sourced from Katz Coffee, but it doesn’t diminish the Grindhouse barista’s ability to pour out a good latte that doesn’t have too much milk in it.

The egg and bacon kolache already was a favorite of mine, but I have had the sausage kolaches as well. The best thing about all the kolaches is the bread, which is a sweet dough. The savory meats paired with the sweet bread are great together. Grindhouse also makes a vegetarian kolache with spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella.

The bacon and egg used to be scrambled egg with smaller pieces of bacon thrown in. I noticed when I ordered it this time, the egg was cooked in a kind of omelet style, where both the yellow and white of the egg were cooked instead of whisked together. Slices of bacon were also included instead of just pieces. The changes didn’t change the quality of the kolache.

The blueberry muffin ring was like the eating the top of a muffin, and about the size of a small doughnut. I would have like more blueberries included, but I guess there’s only so much room when it’s in a ring shape. I’ll definitely grab a muffin next time I stop by.


Address: 5403 N. Shepherd Dr.

Hours: 6-11 a.m. Monday-Saturday

Pricing: $1.45-$5

Kid-friendly: Yes

Alcohol: No

Healthy options: No

Star of the show: Bacon and egg kolache

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