The Taco Stand

Pictured are chicken tacos topped with cilantro, onion and avocado from The Taco Stand at 2018 N. Shepherd Dr. (Photo by Zarah Parker)

If you throw a rock in Houston, you’ll probably hit a spot specializing in tacos. When a new place opens serving the hot commodity, it has to stand out.

So when The Taco Stand opened up late last month next door to its sister concept The Burger Joint, I had high expectations.

I ended up at the new restaurant's opening day for lunch.

The Taco Stand is mostly outdoor patio seating, with a few spots “inside,” meaning a part of the patio that’s completely covered and closed in, but still open air. To order, there is a walk-up window and when your order is ready, you pick it up at a different window.

My favorite part of this new space is that it has a drive-through. I don’t think there’s many spots that have quality ingredients that have a drive-through. And it’s what I’ve utilized after my first visit.

During my first visit I grabbed two tacos with chicken in flour tortillas. They came with cilantro and onion, but you can choose to add additional toppings. I added slices of avocado.

The chicken was well-seasoned and with the hefty helping of avocado, I didn’t feel like I needed anything else. The tortillas were soft and fresh.

I also tried the chips and salsa, of which there are five. The chips are thicker than most and seemed a little overdone, but I liked that there was a variety of salsa, from spicy to sweet.

The next time I dropped by The Taco Stand I drove through and picked up a burrito with carne asada. The burrito was almost 1 foot long and thickly stuffed with beef, rice, beans, onions and cilantro.

The beef wasn’t chewy, which is what I appreciated most about it. Most of the toppings were portioned just right, except I thought there needed to be more beef. I would have also liked the burrito to have been cut in half, which I think is done when its eaten at the restaurant.

The breakfast tacos are my favorite. The chorizo and egg, with the addition of avocado slices, is great. The chorizo and egg are mixed well and the peppery and garlic flavors of the chorizo really came through.

I also liked the bacon and egg as well as the chorizo and potato, with the addition of refried beans.

The only downside to the breakfast tacos is they aren’t served after 11 a.m.

The Taco Stand carries various meats for tacos, burritos and tacos bowls, including pastor, carnitas, barbacoa, suadero, chicharron and pollo vegano. Quesadillas are also on the menu.

The Taco Stand is a new stop on my breakfast and lunch rotation because it's apparent that it uses good-quality meats. However, with those ingredients comes a higher price.

For example, one taco with meat is $2.49, but it’s a $1 upcharge for a flour tortilla and an upcharge for any additional tacos. So my two tacos cost almost $10.

The Taco Stand

Address: 2018 N. Shepherd Dr.

Hours: 6 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 6 a.m.-midnight Friday-Saturday

Pricing: $2.49-$10.99

Kid-friendly: Yes

Alcohol: Yes

Healthy options: Vegetarian

Star of the show: Chorizo and egg

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