IPAs, pilsners and sours, oh my!

These are just a few styles of beer you will find at Big Owl Craft Brew House, 1848 Airline Drive Suite 3. What makes this place unique is that there is a functioning brewery located inside.

With 24 options always on tap, it can be overwhelming to decide what to drink. There are choices from many local breweries as well as from around the U.S. Thankfully, they will offer you a sample of anything on tap, or you can build your own flight of four or five different brews.

I opted for a flight of four and was not disappointed with my selections. I was recently introduced to sour beers and was happy to see a few on the menu. I tried the Prairie Artisan Ale Blueberry Boyfriend and a Peach Cobbler Sour from Destihl Brewery. Both were delicious and definitely made my mouth pucker and instantly smile.

Next was the Turkey Forrest Brown Ale. Dark brown and medium bodied, this beer packs a punch at 10 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). My final choice was Chasing Marranitos, also by Turkey Forrest Brewing, which operates on site. Marranitos is a Mexican pan dulce, or sweet bread, which has been my favorite since I was a kid.

This beer is my childhood treat in beer form. With hints of molasses and cinnamon, this stout is smooth and a perfect end-of-night treat. If you are like me and have trouble pronouncing marranitos, just ask for Chasing Piggies, and they will know what you mean.

In addition to the tapped beers, there are also many canned beer options as well.

Turkey Forrest is a tiny operation within the walls of Big Owl, but the beers they are making are huge in flavor. Brewers Louie Espinosa and Oscar Gonzalez, partnering with Alfonso Gonzalez, bring their creativity to beer flavors that keep me wanting to come back for more. Recently, I was lucky enough to sample an upcoming beer infused with passion fruit, and as soon as it is released, I will be there.

As far as food options go, you can bring your own. Wokker, formerly a food truck turned brick and mortar, is a couple of doors down, if you get hungry.

Also, Blank Flag FP does pop-ups there throughout the week, including steak nights on Wednesday, which will be a dinner option for me from time to time. For $25, you get a ribeye and two sides, which rotate from week to week.

As with everything these days, following on social media is the best way to know exactly what will be available, so follow Big Owl on Facebook @bigowlcraftbrewhouse or Instagram @bigowlcbh.

Cheers to Big Owl Craft Brew House for showing the love to our local breweries as well as those nationally. I am happy to have a new place to enjoy a one-of-a-kind brew with some of the nicest beer makers in town.

Big Owl Craft Brew House

Address: 1848 Airline Dr. Suite C

Dining options: Bring your own food, Blank Flag FP popups on some nights

Hours: 2-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, noon-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday, noon-8 p.m. Sunday


Tap beer prices: $6-$9

Alcohol: Yes

Star of the show: Turkey Forrest Brewing’s Chasing Marranitos

Rating: 5 out of 5 sips

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