Shipley North Main Storefront

The Shipley Do-Nuts at 3932 N. Main St. reopened Sept. 24 after being closed for nine days. (Photo by Stefan Modrich)

A popular Houston-based donut shop with a headquarters and several locations within the Greater Heights has reopened its North Main Street location after it temporarily closed so several of its employees could recover from COVID-19, according to a store manager.

The Shipley Do-Nuts at 3932 N. Main St. reopened Sept. 24 after being closed for nine days, according to the store manager, who declined to give his name.

Last week, the store manager left a message via the store's answering machine informing customers and the public that it would be closing "for at least a week" while its staff recovers from COVID-19.

The store manager said he was one of three employees who contracted COVID-19. He said he was isolated for 10 days and showed no symptoms, and that one employee was expected to return this Friday after completing a 10-day quarantine period and recovery.

Another employee who is still struggling with "secondary infection issues" could be sidelined for a bit longer, but did not require hospitalization, the manager said.

The breakout within the Main Street Shipley's team caused a scramble to fill shifts, according to the manager.

"We've band-aided our shifts together," the manager said. "We were 16 shifts short to begin with. We've got a bunch of people pulling seven days a week again."

On Sept. 22, because the location had lost its kolache crew, the store owner reopened to only sell donuts, "which made everybody mad," the manager said.

"(Customers) just came in here and then they left," the manager said, "even though we only sell kolaches in the morning."

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