Sushi popularity continues to grow

Sushi from Jellyfish Sushi, which opened on Ella Boulevard late 2019. (Photo from Facebook)

Sushi seems to be one of those foods people either love or hate, but at the same time the latter I find are usually people who have never tried raw fish or just haven’t had the chance to eat quality sushi.

The majority, I think, love sushi. One of the contributing reasons I say that is because of the rise of sushi restaurants in The Leader’s coverage area. Most sushi places have popped up in just the last couple of years, with a few more set to open.

Tamashi Ramen & Sushi, 1214 W. 43rd St., Jellyfish Sushi, 3434 Ella Blvd., Hando, 518 W. 11th St., Handies Douzo, 3510 White Oak Dr., and Ume, 2802 White Oak Dr., are the spots that have opened within in the last two years.

Soon, the area will gain two more sushi spots with Fuku, 1902 Washington Ave., which is headed up by the same team behind Handies Douzo, and Blue Sushi Sake Grill, 600 N. Shepherd Dr., which will open up in the M-K-T development.

Sushi has a long history, but really only started becoming a dish in America less than a century ago. Now, sushi is as regular to most people’s diets as tacos.

If your taste buds have tried sushi, you know why. The most obvious reason sushi is so popular now is the taste. I think about it as an explosion of flavor in a small amount and you don’t often experience that in other dishes.

There are three different ways to eat sushi. Most of the time when someone is talking about sushi, they’re talking about fish and rice in some kind of wrap or rolled together. Sashimi is just the meat, sliced and served, and Nigari is the meat and rice, but without it being in a roll.

Different types of fish, and crab, also provide an extensive variety, plus other styles of sushi are gaining popularity as well, like hand rolls. Basically, sushi is never boring.

Sushi is also going to be healthier than most other dishes. Most often sushi is made with rice, vinegar and fresh raw fish. While it’s not without calories or fat, you’re going to get something better for you while eating sushi, rather than eating a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets.

Along with that, sushi isn’t going to make you feel like a potato after it’s consumed either. It’s a lighter food that satiates in the best way possible—making you feel full without making your stomach feel weighed down.

I also notice more and more people are being more adventurous when eating. And eating raw fish can get pretty adventurous the deeper the dive into sushi one goes.

Sushi usually has a more “upscale” feel about it, even when the sushi is set at a more affordable price, like a Jellyfish Sushi where it serves good sushi at a good price and is an easy place to bring the whole family to.

Sushi is only going to become more and more popular as new and inventive ways of crafting the raw fish hit the market, and I love watching that happen.

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