Zarah Parker

Zarah Parker

When I was in middle school, it was all the rage to drink mocha frappuccinos from Starbucks.

The popularity spread even to my small private school, and I found myself with my friends at the mall ordering a grande mocha frappuccino along with everyone else. This was before I even liked coffee, but because of the hype around this drink that came from other kids my age, I expected to fall in love with it the same way they did.

I didn’t. I thought it was drinkable and that’s it. But I was young and impressionable, so of course I pretended to like it. Now that I’m older, I get to be honest about over-hyped food and drink items that I just don’t understand why they are popular.

Similar to my experience with the mocha drink, another one that became a thing a few years ago and has continuously gained popularity is matcha, which is a finely ground powder made from green tea leaves. Lots of people make lattes with it.

While there are health benefits to matcha, I don’t get why so many people love it for the actual flavor. Here’s my take on it: It tastes like lawn clippings ground up and made into a drink. 

Which brings me to another healthy food that I’ve noticed has made its way to every brunch menu, avocado toast. My problem with this is not necessarily about the flavor, but the price. Chances are if you order avocado toast during brunch, you’re getting a slice of toast with mushed avocado spread out on top with maybe some arugula, cherry tomatoes or even a fried egg over it. It costs around $9.

I don’t usually think “just make it at home” is a good point because depending on the restaurant, you’re paying for the expertise of the chef and the experience.

Considering I find avocado toast to be a pretty bland option, I think it’s easy enough for anyone to make at home.

Another overrated food that might just have a mob after me is bacon. I do eat bacon, and some days I find it tastier than others, but I feel like we have this weird bacon culture that puts bacon on everything and I just don’t get it.

No, I don’t want my steak wrapped in it. No, I don’t want it on my burger. Personally, I’m not into having that smoky pork flavor mixed in with the beef. If I wanted pork, I’d have ordered pork.

Though I will say, I do like when pieces of bacon are cooked with green beans. So I can understand why people like bacon, but I can’t understand how some people obsess over it or eat it every single day.

The one popular drink that I don’t just understand, but couldn’t even fully try is coconut water. I see it in most of my friends’ fridges, yet the first time I bought some and took a sip, I gagged. I’m fine with most coconut products, like desserts with coconut, but something about this water I instantly rejected.

Of course, I don't personally have to like something for it to be worth its popularity. But if it's really that good, then pretty much everyone should like it.

With matcha, avocado toast, bacon and coconut water, I don’t think they should be thrown away, just taken a few steps down from the pedestal they’re put on.

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