Where to get a good bowl of soup in the area

Soup options are aplenty in the area. 

The weather has been sporadic. Some cold days, some warmer days. This hasn’t helped my sinuses, but what does is a nice cup of soup.

There are a few places in the area that I dine at when I get a craving for a warm bowl of goodness, and recently I had a Leader reader reach out to me to ask me what are good places in the area for soup.

The actual question was, “Since Doyle’s has closed I can’t find a good place to get good soups – and who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of soup on these cool winter days?” 

My first thought after reading this was, “what kind of soup are we talking here?” If it’s pho you’re looking for, I’d recommend Les Ba’get, 1717 W. 34th St. The summer spring rolls also make for a great appetizer.

If it’s a deli-style soup, I’ve been impressed with Katz’s, 2200 N. Shepherd Dr., matzo ball soup. It’s a chicken soup with a matzo ball, which is a type of Jewish dumpling.

I also love the soup at Flower Child, 1533 N. Shepherd Dr., which rotates its soup.

Common Bond Bistro & Bakery, 449 W. 19th St., serves my favorite tomato soup, which always hits the spot on colder days.

But to go beyond my own opinion about local soups, I also wanted to share where other locals are going for soup. So, I asked them in a neighborhood Facebook group where their favorite soup was. Here’s what they suggested.

The smoked duck gumbo from Rainbow Lodge, 2011 Ella Blvd., is a favorite of Garden Oaks resident Justin Gordon. And at least five other residents agreed with the sentiment.

Garrett Gibson recommended any soup from Ploughman’s Deli, 965 Pinemont Dr., which was also echoed by many people.

If Common Bond is where one ends up, aside from the tomato soup, a resident also recommended the Chicken, bean and poblano soup.

Another tomato soup that was recommend is from Bellagreen, 748 E. 11th St., as well as pho from Pho Le, 5015 Antoine Dr., ramen from Tamashi, 1214 W. 34th St., or JINYA, 449 W. 19th St. and chicken tortilla from El Rey, 233 N. Loop W.

If you have a hankering for caldo, Alma Latina, 2203 N. Shepherd Dr., is a popular spot for it, especially the caldo tlapeno. Its chicken tortilla soup was also recommended.

Seafood soup favorites came from Connie’s Seafood, 2525 Airline Dr., and Millie’s Kitchen & Cocktails, 3542 Oak Forest Dr. for its chowder.

Pozole, a Mexican soup, was a popular suggestion from multiple places, including Valencia’s Tex-Mex Garage, 2009 W. 34th St., Superica, 1801 N. Shepherd Dr., and Local Foods, 714 Yale St.

Garden Oaks resident Brooke Murphy wrote that the roasted corn chowder soup from Jax Grill, 1613 Shepherd Dr., is just what the doctor ordered for a chilly day.

While it’s hard to find a replacement for a neighborhood favorite like Doyle’s, I hope this list helps all who are looking for a good bowl of soup to warm the cold days we have left.

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