NeuMed modernizing urgent care in Heights

Akash and Victoria Bhagat

It’s not every day that you meet someone who shares the exact-same burning desire and vision to reimagine the urgent care space. But that’s exactly what happened to nurse practitioner Victoria and her physician husband Akash.

“We both knew, from first-hand experience, that the urgent care space was one of the biggest frontiers in healthcare that hadn’t yet been disrupted or modernized,” said Victoria, who spent years working in internal medicine and cardiology. “The environment and patient experience was severely lacking.”

After years of research and preparation, they proudly founded NeuMed Modern Urgent Care and IV Therapy right here in the Heights at 2401 N. Shepherd Dr. Across from HEB. The clinic helped its first patients in October 2020. From the get go, the long-time Houstonians had the Heights at the very top of their short list of neighborhoods to plant the roots of their flagship location.

“The Heights is the place to be. There’s just something so special about the community and it’s history. It’s avant-garde and progressive culture also embraces start-up companies like ours,” said Akash, who has a background in emergency medicine. “We truly do love this area and are committed to doing our part as members of this incredible community.”

And not only does NeuMed serve as the community’s top pick for both high-quality medical treatment and wellness and preventative care, but Victoria said the Height’s brand even extends into every single interaction as well. Whether it’s the nurse practitioner conducting a test or the receptionist greeting patients with a smile, with the NeuMed experience, wellness begins from the moment a patient walks in.

“Everyone has a horror story of a typical urgent care center trip where they may have had to wait for hours in a small and uninviting waiting room. Then on top of that, maybe they were treated with not-so great customer service” Victoria said. "Our goal is to completely transform people’s expectations of what an urgent care experience should be as well as share the amazing benefits of IV Infusion Therapy.”

NeuMed offers care for all minor medical emergencies such as cuts and lacerations, broken bones, cold and flu, headaches and much more with no appointment needed. They also offer advanced services such as X-Ray, EKG, lab screenings, physicals and even pediatric care to keep you close to home.

They’re also one of the first clinics in the area to offer IV Infusion Therapy or “IV Drips”, which are vitamin infusions designed to get your body what it needs and more, fast. From curing the common hangover to helping expecting mothers reduce symptoms and elite athletes perform better, everyone can experience the benefits of IV drip therapy, even if it’s just done once. And if you don’t have the 40 minutes to set aside for the IV infusion, simply stop by for a quick shot of their most popular Vitamin D.

Additionally, NeuMed is now in-network with healthcare providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare and Aetna, and is in the process of adding Cigna and Humana to that list.

And even if someone’s insurance does not cover care, such as with high deductible or catastrophe type policies, patients will never pay more than the clinic’s posted self-pay amount. All out-of-pocket pricing is transparent, eliminating any surprise bills afterwards.

“We never want to be a financial burden on anyone – we’re here to help,” Akash said.

Beyond that, NeuMed wants to kick-start wellness from the moment patients walk in the door and turn their expectations on their head. Once inside, you’re welcomed by a beautiful, fresh and positive space, a far cry from the typical waiting rooms most people are used to.

“We incorporated a smart, mobile friendly, paperless registration and discharge to improve communication and decrease errors. We also removed the use of single use plastics and have incorporated repurposing and recycling to minimize our footprint and do our part," Victoria said.

It’s not just pretty either. The space is thoughtfully designed with the patient experience in mind, even boasting an extra waiting room for those patients that are really not feeling well. The main waiting room features soaring ceilings, floor to ceiling windows overlooking N. Shepherd and complimentary fruit infused water.

The attention to detail is apparent from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. Even going as far as testing air fresheners to determine which ones give the best feeling of comfort and relaxation, Akash said, while televisions in the lobby cycle through serene nature scenes from around the world.

It’s all about making the patient feel welcomed and at-home from the beginning of care to the end.

The clinic offers same-day, walk-in service to anyone, Victoria said, but to avoid any wait you should book an appointment online.  NeuMed Urgent Care and IV Therapy is everyday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

For more information and what NeuMed has to offer the Heights, stop by the clinic at 2401 N. Shepherd Dr., give them a call at 832-879-2450 or visit their website at

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