Broker/Owner Creston Inderrieden

Broker/Owner Creston Inderrieden 

Broker/Owner Creston Inderrieden and his team at IndyQuest Properties know the home buying and selling process can be a stressful one – especially during a period of uncertainty with COVID-19.

So now more than ever, Creston said his team strives to come to the customer, going above and beyond for any of their needs.

“When you meet people’s needs where they are at, you are able to develop deeper relationships,” Creston said. “It’s really meaningful to me that we are able to help them through those junctures in their lives in a way where they see how we are loving, serving and caring for them.”

It seems as though that mindset has paid dividends. For more than 15 years, Inderrieden has served home buyers and sellers in Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, The Heights and other neighborhoods of North Houston. He and the additional 22 agents in his charge now also serve Sugar Land, Katy, and The Woodlands, but primarily focus on the local area.

And despite the pandemic, he said 2020 wound up being the company’s best year in terms of sales, while their 2021 pace is already ahead of last year.

“The value of homes has increased (during the pandemic), so people are more interested in that home office, a pool and more,” he said. “All those things are certainly increasing the value of certain homes.”

Along with his wife Holly, Creston and their team at IndyQuest Properties have remained dedicated to their mission of loving, serving and caring for their clients for more than a decade for their work in Houston and its surrounding suburbs. The team at IndyQuest has been consistently ranked in the Top 30 out of more than 41,000 agents by the Houston Business Journal.

The reason for their increased business, and for any accolades they might receive, is based primarily on one thing according to Inderrieden.

“We always treat the client like family. We have an adage in our business to love, serve and to care for people. I put my clients’ needs above my own, and even talk them out of certain homes, and I try to give them expert advice,” he said. “All the time we tell people that we don’t want you to view us a salesperson – but rather as a trusted advisor. I’m there merely to help give them good advice so they can make a good decision.”

With a business background in finance and capital projects consulting, Creston lends his personal knowledge and expertise to help his clients understand the value of their real estate investments.

Combine his negotiation skills with his business acumen, and he said he’s able to understand a client’s needs and is prepared to help all his clients have seamless transactions from offer through closing.

Whether it’s sitting down with a buyer before the process and laying it out, talking them through the home stretch or conducting business virtually due to concerns over COVID-19, Inderrieden knows the client is the priority.

“People realize that after 15 years in the business, we have a very good reputation for being straight shooters. It’s important that we are not there to try to sell people anything, but to give them expert advice.”

To buy or list a home with Creston Inderrieden, email or call 713-301-4054.

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