Kasia McCormick with Compass Real Estate

Kasia McCormick with Compass Real Estate.

Kasia McCormick with Compass Real Estate knows the key to any real estate transaction is finding the perfect melding of data, market analysis and personal touch in order to overcome challenges.

Luckily for Houston buyers and sellers, she brings a wealth of such experience to the table to help them find the perfect forever home or sell their house for the best price.

“Home buying and selling is a huge investment, often the biggest, and (clients) want to make sure they hire the best consultant for the job. My clients research and hire top accountants and attorneys to guide them with major decisions and expect the same level of service and analysis from their real estate agent,” she said. “I strive to bring a high level of experience, analysis and resources to all my transactions coupled with superlative customer service.”

That higher level perspective, she said, comes from her previous work in the United States Government. McCormick served in the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa. Afterward, she graduated with a Masters from Columbia University and was chosen as a Presidential Management Fellow by the U. S. Department of State/USAID in Washington, D. C. where she worked as a diplomat/international cooperation specialist for seven years before settling in Houston in 2009.

A few years later, McCormick said it was a daunting experience searching for their second home that first piqued her interest in a real estate career – which came as a natural transition from her family history.

“I wasn’t really satisfied with the level of data and analysis I was getting in my search. I’m the daughter of a general contractor and my parents renovated and sold homes growing up, so figured I would get a real estate license for myself to get access to all the data for my own search,” she said. “I didn’t anticipate it being a full-time gig in the beginning, as I had just had my second child, but quickly realized that it plays on all my strengths, I really enjoy it, and it offers me some more flexibility to be with my three young children. So it’s been super rewarding.”

Focusing on both buyers and sellers in her home neighborhood of the Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest as well as her other inner loop spots, McCormick said she aims to give her clients the entire picture as opposed to a segmented view.

“Diplomacy and high-level analysis of statistics has transferred to real estate really well…I still use that experience toward all my transactions. I’m not here just to do paperwork and shuffle through ‘A to Z,’” she said. “When I’m with a couple, I look at with the holistic view. I look at as a diplomat, examining all the players and making sure I’m best representing my client so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

Her clients mostly, she said, tend to be families looking for their first or second homes. And by combining her knowledge of the neighborhood – where all three children attend school and she is involved in several neighborhood organizations – with her negotiation and diplomacy skills, she has carved out a niche in this slice of North Houston.

That has led to several recognitions, including McCormick being named a Top Seller in 2018 and in the top 1% of Houston Realtors the last couple of years.

“I pretty much try to be who I wanted to hire,” she said. “I’m always trying to add value – if I’m not adding value to my client in an email or phone call or as a realtor, then I’m not doing my job. I stay on top of the latest marketing and tech offerings, always trying to be at the forefront of tools.”

Over the course of the last year during COVID-19, McCormick said her markets have seen a rise in demand as more people work from home and uncertainty evolves around many jobs.

“The home is the number one priority for everyone this past year,” she said. ““People don’t really know where they’re going – whether they’re going to have their jobs or whether jobs will change. Is it going to allow for remote work or will they be going back to the office? And not every seller can capitalize on the fact that it’s becoming a buyer’s marker, because they don’t even know where they’re going to be.”

But through all of it, McCormick said what she loves most about her job is that she has been able to keep interacting with people in a socially distanced and safe manner – an aspect she called the best part of the profession.

Her clients become friends, she said. And what’s more, she becomes their consultant through Closing and hopefully for life to help buyers and sellers through any important real estate decision in their lives.

“My biggest fear is that people would move into a house and hate it,” she said. “I want to make sure it’s the right house for them, and that they’ll be happy in the end.”

To buy or list a home with McCormick, email her at kasia.mccormick@compass.com  or give her a call at 773-332-0087.

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