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The property at 402 E. 20th St. that Gary Mosley, who owns four restaurant-and-bar concepts in the Heights area, recently purchased. (Photo from

Gary Mosley, who owns four restaurant-and-bar concepts in the Heights area, said he recently purchased the commercial property at 402 E. 20th St.

But the Heights resident said he does not plan to transform the location into another outpost operated by the Creek Group, which includes Onion Creek in the Heights, Cedar Creek in Shady Acres, Cactus Cove in Timbergrove and Canyon Creek in the Washington Avenue and Memorial Park area.

Mosley said he bought the 70-year-old property, which is located in a historic district designated by the City of Houston, in order to preserve it and possibly rent it out to another business.

"I’m not going to open up a Creek there," Mosley said. "There's just so much stuff going on, with people knocking down these historic buildings. The history that the Heights has, I’m just trying to do my part in preserving it."

The 11,220-square foot property at 402 E. 20th St. has been home to Heights Upholstery, an auto upholster, and is valued at $830,400 by the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD). The one-story building measuring 2,784 square feet was constructed in 1950 as an auto service garage, according to HCAD.

The property had been owned since 1988 by Carmen Martinez. Mosley said she sold it because she wants to retire and move out of the city. 

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