The building at 2000 Ella Blvd. that previously housed the StarTex Title Company is up for lease, according to a banner hanging over the entrance to the building.

StarTex relocated from the building to a new location at 1111 N. Loop W. a little more than three months ago, according to owner Kendall Smashey of Tri Ella LLC, which owns the property at 2000 Ella Blvd.

Smashey said he is taking calls on potential tenants for the 3,200-square foot building on the 18,000-square foot lot.

“I would say we’ve had several different serious options and we’ve had a lot of interest in it. At this point, we have not signed a lease with anybody on the property yet,” he said. “… We’re excited with the development in that area and the future of this location.”

Smashey said he believes the ideal fit for the space is a single tenant due to its layout with parking in the front and back. That being said, he said there is always wiggle room for negotiation, and there is no hard line drawn on the type of potential interested tenants.

“It’d probably be good for a doctor’s office, dentist office, title company or real estate office – really for any kind of office use,” he said. “It’s set up that way, but depending on the tenant we’re definitely willing to remodel or adjust the interior as needed."

Having lived in the area for more than decade, Smashey said he had his eye on the property for several years before pulling the trigger on buying it.

“We really just love the area. It’s a great location. We live nearby and have really enjoyed the Heights area," he said. "… We’re thankful that we got the opportunity to purchase it. We’re still talking to prospective tenants, and as of this time it’s still available. We’re open to discussion with anybody who’s interested.”

Interested leasers can call Smashey at 713-392-8728.

Retail space available in Airline Plaza

According to a marketing brochure from S&P Interests, there is more than 8,000 square feet of retail space available for lease at Airline Plaza, 920 E. Little York Rd. in the Northside/Northline area. Other tenants in the shopping center include Senior Check Cashing, Tamales Dona Tere, Hermosa Dental and KR Gallery Furniture.

For more information, contact Josh Sebesta of S&P Interests at

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