Michael Silva has always strived to put clients at the forefront of any transaction since taking a leap of faith into the real estate world more than a decade ago. And that has not changed to this day, as he and his team at Happen Houston continue to provide top-notch service to potential buyers and sellers.

Silva is the founder of Happen Houston, a boutique brand built on the belief that the best real estate service is strategic in nature and should provide a lifetime of value. His HAR bio says that he and his team take a data-driven approach to real estate, providing custom strategies and ongoing guidance for each of their clients, while integrating construction and renovation into their approach.

That approach has been tested over the last couple of years since the beginning of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, through it all, Silva said they have found ways to stay true to that approach in guiding clients through uncertain waters.

“Simply put, we’ve found a way to transform every weakness we had or obstacle we faced into a strength or opportunity,” he said. “We have all around become better people, better agents, and a better company.”

Now one of Houston Business Journal’s top 5 agents in the city by volume and transactions, he’s working every day to help Houston residents adjust to an ever-evolving world amidst COVID-19 the only way he knows how, saying he extends his sincerest condolences to anyone that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, however, he said the desire for homes and real estate has not diminished – in fact, he said it’s been quite the opposite.

“We’ve found ways, through leveraging technology, to serve (both) in and out-of-state clients, which we are seeing now more than ever,” he said.

Advisor Ashli Garcia echoed the sentiment. She said Happen Houston is seeing a consensus in their hot spots – which include inner Beltway neighborhoods such as Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, the Heights, Shepherd Park Plaza and more – that the feeling of “home,” or the sense that space is more than just a place to sleep, is more prominent than ever before.

“A lot of buyers are now considering the option of building to create that space, whereas they maybe weren’t before,” she said.

However, she said that process can be tricky to navigate, as there is much room for error in the building process. The key, she said is to align with the right people for your buying or selling needs. And at Happen Houston, Garcia said that is exactly what they aim be.

She said it has been about more than just supervising a transaction from the start, and that Silva and his team know the purchase or sale of a home is often one of the most significant transactions. Thus, knowing at the end of it that they have done right by them in the long run is what matters.

She also said that buyers and sellers should be asking questions about an agent’s efficiency, testimonials to their service and other important questions – and Silva and Happen Houston are ready and waiting to present their proof of always putting the client first.

“Anyone can babysit the steps of a transaction, but to know that you have set your client up for financial success takes an extreme level of detail and granular market knowledge so that they can make the right decisions for them and their family,” Garcia said. “At the end of the day, our job is to instill confidence in the client and empower them to make the right decisions throughout the life of the transaction.”

To see what Silva and his team at Happen Houston can do for your needs, give them a call at 713-391-8637 or visit their website at happenhouston.com. You can also stop by their local office at 720 W. 25th St. in the Heights or email Silva at michael@happenhouston.com

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