More than 20 people that notorious Houston serial killer Dean Corll and his accomplices David Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley abducted and killed during the 1970s might still be found, and several search organizations and Houston-area investigators have renewed their efforts to recover their remains.

Corll abducted, tortured, raped and eventually murdered dozens of boys and young men – many from the Heights area – between 1970-73. The case was dubbed the “Houston Mass Murders” and is considered one of the most heinous examples of serial murder in United States history. Brooks died in May 2020 at a Galveston prison, while Henley is currently serving a life sentence at a prison in East Texas.

Texas EquuSearch said on its website that the organization has long believed that a number of victims have yet to be found. In addition to the remains of the 28 already found, a report from KHOU on Aug. 8 said that authorities believe there to be at least 20 victims whose bodies have not been found.

Aug. 8 was also the 48th anniversary of Henley shooting and killing Corll in 1973. Texas EquuSearch is a search and recovery team that began in 2000 that is dedicated to the memory of Laura Miller, the daughter of founding director Tim Miller, was abducted and murdered in north Galveston County in 1984.

“We have been researching the murders very intensely over the last few months, and we believe there is a good probability that we can find, and recover some of the still-missing boys,” the organization said on its website.

Earth Measurement Corporation will be using Ground Penetration Radar to help Texas EquuSearch locate the still-missing boys, according to the organization.

“We will soon be working with investigators from the Pasadena Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to find more of those young boy’s human remains,” Texas EquuSearch said. “The boys need to be found, and given the respectful, descent funeral they deserve.”

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