Tomball artist and native Houstonian Rebekah Molander has lived all around Houston and only recently came onto the “art scene.”

In fact, she tells me her journey to becoming a full-time artist began as a child, followed by art school on a scholarship, and then, life happened, as it does. Seventeen years later, Molander finally picked up a paint brush again, and the way she tells it, she wasted no time catching up.

What led her back to art?

“It wasn’t ever that the path to art wasn’t meant for me, it just wasn’t the right time for it,” Molander said in an email. “At 35 I rediscovered my passion. George Eliot said, ‘It is never too late to be what you might have been.’”

Molander sent an email to her favorite radio host, Rod Ryan, in August 2020. She said she knew the music and art world were in turmoil due to the pandemic, but all she wanted was to be a part of that world. The art world.

“I emailed Rod and said, ‘Hey, you promote so much local stuff, maybe you can help. Houston has some great artists, they have these great art events that are just starting to open back up, would you tell people to go see some art. You don’t have to mention me, just promote art,’" Molander wrote. "Well, he did, and he actually did promote me, and I sold my first painting that day to one of his listeners who looked me up on instagram.”

Ryan forwarded Molander’s email to his friend Taft McWhorter, a successful Houston artist and acquaintance of mine for many years. Recently McWhorter started an artists’ mentoring program called The Seekers, A Houston Artist Collective. 

“Later that day I got an email from Taft, introducing himself and asking if it would be OK if he gave me a call,” Molander said. “Since then, for the last 11 months Taft has been a great friend and mentor to me. He called me a few times every month and talked to me a bit about the business side of being an artist and encouraged me to keep learning, keep trying new things, and never stop growing.”

Molander became a part of The Seekers, Houston Artist Collective in January and her art is now on view in McWhorter's studio in Winter Street Studios.

“Rod Ryan and Taft McWhorter changed my life,” Molander said. “I’m still not sure what it was that made either of them take interest in and help me, but they have changed my world, and I absolutely love it. I have met some of the best people this past year, collectors and other artists. I have learned and grown so much. I have no idea what's next, but I know it involves art, and I know I'm excited about it.

“On August 20, 2020, I was just a girl sitting in a room drawing a line around her thoughts,” Molander added. “On August 21, 2020, Rod Ryan told everyone listening to Art Local, and while they're at it, check out this girl, Rebekah Molander, and at least one person did, and I sold my very first painting. Today is July 13, 2021, it's 326 days later, I am part of the Houston Artist Collective, "The Seekers,” at the beginning of this month, I was accepted in and moved some of my art into the DaVinci Gallery here in Tomball, to date, I have 26 paintings in 21 different homes. Today I'm an artist.”

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