Art Valet: Saturdays are for arts-filled trips around Heights

"What Goes Around Comes Around" by John Carroll Runnels.

On my way home heading east on 11th Street, I passed Redbud Gallery (at the corner of Cortlandt Street) with barely a glance as I was clearly on autopilot. My peripheral vision glimpsed a 12-foot sphere made out of hubcaps sparkling in the new sculpture garden next to the gallery. I absolutely did a double-take.

The sphere is called "What Goes Around Comes Around" and is made of metal and plastic hubcaps over wire mesh over steel armature by artist John Carroll Runnels. The sculpture was part of True North 2019: a Heights Boulevard sculpture project, where many thousands probably saw this sculpture on their daily commute, stroll or exercise.

“Redbud Gallery is pleased to present the diverse works of 80 artists from the Texas Sculpture Group (TSG),” Tanja Peterson, director of Redbud Gallery, stated on the gallery’s website. “The group of regional Texas sculptors represents a vast repertoire of styles, mediums and form for the viewer to contemplate, experience or simply enjoy. There will be indoor pieces at our east gallery and west gallery and outdoor pieces at our newly created sculpture garden. We also included an honorary as well as a memorial display of deceased Texas artists who are important to the scene.”

There is no need to follow my double-take to see this sculpture. Head over to Redbud Gallery at 303 E. 11th St. and take in over 80 sculptures on view through Feb. 23. Redbud is open daily from noon-5 p.m. Visit the website for details at

In other news, the first Saturday of the month is this Saturday and that means I get to write "Saturday" five times in one sentence because this Saturday is the First Saturday Arts Market! My editor probably cursed over this sentence (or laughed).

Many of the artists have poured their hearts into creating Valentine's Day-themed works. See what I did there? More puns.

From hand-carved hearts of wood, stained glass, buttons, yarn to paintings of hearts in bandages, thorns, adorned with angel wings and all the other emotions associated with love and more. There’s “regular” art, too.

Find the First Saturday Arts Market at 530 W. 19th St. and online at

Cohen is an artist and founder of the First Saturday Arts Market and the Market at Sawyer Yards. Find him at for additional highlights and artist’s stories.

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