Jenn Bianco

Jenn Bianco with a piece of her artwork.

For more than a decade, Oak Forest resident Jenn Bianco struggled to allow herself exploration into her artistic expression as it became over-shadowed by professional aspirations.

“Growing up in Austin I was passionate about art and had numerous creative outlets, from singing in bands, to throwing pottery and various creative projects that I would immerse myself in,” Bianco said. “I then went on to study accounting at the University of Texas at Austin and later became a Certified Public Accountant at a big four accounting firm.”

And after having twin boys, Bianco said she felt there simply wasn’t enough room in her life for art.

Finding herself working and taking care of her family at home during the pandemic, Bianco said she could no longer suppress the need to express herself though art.

“I found myself pouring my heart and soul into abstract expressionism, experimenting with different acrylic mediums, spray paint and drip/pour techniques,” Bianco said. “I couldn’t get the ideas and visions out quickly enough and in just under five months found myself with a collection of over 20 pieces.” 

While Bianco has been painting for more than 10 years, she began allowing herself more fully to explore this passion in February, which has also prompted not just putting more time and energy into her work, but her drive to make her work available for purchase.

“The joy I feel from expressing myself in this way and no longer burying dreams is unexplainable,” Bianco said.

Bianco’s painting art was crafted using various acrylic mediums, which Bianco said adds contrast, depth and texture. Some of those mediums include heavy molding, coarse pastes, spray paint, pouring mediums, splatter and resign.

“All of these come together to create a unique experience for all viewers (and) they can relate to it in a way they want to and need to, and that experience will continue to evolve every time they look at it,” Bianco said.

Bianco’s work is available to view on her website at, but she also has had a booth since June at the First Saturday Arts Market, 540 W. 19th St., and will be at the market this Saturday.

“Managing outdoor art markets I see many new artists with talent trying to break into the ‘art scene’ that lack the skill to present their art successfully,” said Mitch Cohen, founder of First Saturday Arts Market. “Jenn seemingly skipped the trial-and-error part and used the same passion she has for creating her abstracts into her presentation; from building her canvas to framing the art and presenting it.”

Bianco said her artwork is a fit for someone who wants to accent their space with an original work or for those in search of a statement piece. While most of her color palettes and style leans toward those who gravitate toward modern and contemporary design, she has also completed commissions for coastal and traditional homes.

“I continue to evolve in my artistic approach, driven by shifts in frame of mind through life’s challenges and joys,” Bianco said.

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